Dead Can Dance Library

of the Obscure and Bootleg

[16] International Releases
This section lists Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard, or Brendan Perry recordings officially (via a license) released in other countries. Most of this is speculation, and a number may actually be bootleg releases in those countries, but if it lookslike it is an official release, I have added it here. Bootleg international releases can be found in the [01] Bootleg section (such as the Russian and Chinese "Into the Labyrinth" bootlegs). International releases of rarities can be found in the [06] Rare/Promo Recordings section (such as the Spanish "Lonely is an Eyesore").

El Nino de la Luna [16E0001]
Spanish(?) DVD

Garden of the Arcane Delights [16G0001]
Japan - Vinyl

Into the Labyrinth [16I0001] [*]

Mirror Pool, The [16M0001]
French audio cassette [ph] New

Spleen and Ideal [16S0001]
Japan - Vinyl

Spleen and Ideal [16S0002]
Argentina - Vinyl

Serpent's Egg, The [16S0003]
Israel - CD

Serpent's Egg, The [16S0004]
Turkey - Tape

Yulunga (spirit dance) [16Y0001]
Chinese - CD - The Chinese release of "Into the Labyrinth", though actually, this may be a nicely packaged bootleg