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17_brendan_perry_poster_eye_of_the_hunter 17_dead_can_dance_poster_tour_hamburg_concert [17] Posters
This section lists various posters, including: album release posters, tour posters, and concert posters (posters created to promote a specific venue's Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard, or Brendan Perry performance.) I have also included one lonely This Mortal Coil poster... cause I like it.

17_4ad_poster_all_virgos_are_mad 17_lisa_gerrard_poster_this_mortal_coil_end_in_tears

1980 Forward [17aanu0004]
General event poster

2005 Tour [17aanu0007]
Tour poster

2005 Tour [17aanu0008]
Poster for German dates

Aion [17A0001]
Tour poster, 1990

Aion [17A00015]
Release poster

Aion [17A00017]
Tour poster, German dates

All Virgos Are Mad [17A0002]
Tour poster, 1994

A Passage in Time [17A0003]
Release promo poster

Boxed Set (1981-1998) [17B0001]
Release promo poster

Boys Club [17B0002]
Concert poster

El Nino de la Luna [17E00005]
Movie poster

Eye of the Hunter [17E0001]
Release promo poster

Gusman Cultural Center Miami [17G0001]
Concert poster

Hamburg [17H0001]
Concert poster

Into the Labyrinth [17I0001]
Tour poster, 1993

La Gaite [17L0001]
Concert poster

La Gaite [17L0002]
Concert poster, variant 2

(Klaus) Schulze [17S00002]
Concert poster "featuring Lisa Gerrard

Silver Tree [17S00003]
Tour poster, Australian dates

Skeletons [17S00005]
NOT a DCD poster!!

Spiritchaser [17S0001]
Release promo poster

Spiritchaser [17S0002]
Tour poster, 1996

Spiritchaser [17S0003]
Concert poster

The Mirror Pool [17T00005]
Concert poster

The Mirror Pool [17T00008] [*]
European concert poster

This Mortal Coil [17T0001]
okay, so this is for Filigree & Shadows, which neither Brendan nor Lisa are on. But I love this little poster and had to show it.

Towards the Within [17T0003]
Instore promo poster

Towards the Within [17T0004]
Instore promo poster 2

Within the Realm of a Dying Sun [17W0003]
Tour poster, German dates