Dead Can Dance Library

of the Obscure and Bootleg

[10] Soundtracks (and related)
This section lists soundtracks, movies using those soundtracks, and any related items. Bootleg movie/soundtrack items are listed here as well (such as the "El Nino de la Luna" soundtrack... it is unclear if this was ever officially released.)

A Thousand Roads Soundtrack [10A00005]

Ali Official Soundtrack [10A0001]

Ali Official Soundtrack II [10A0002]

Baraka Soundtrack [10B0001]

Baraka [10B0002] [*]

Baraka [10B0003] [*]
Laser Disc

Black Hawk Down OST [10B0004] [*]

Demons 2 Soundtrack [10D0001] [*]

Demons 2 Soundtrack [10D0002]
Video tape

El Nino de la Luna [10E0001] [*]

El Nino de la Luna [10E00015] [*]

El Nino de la Luna Soundtrack [10E0002] [*]

Fateless [10F0002]

Gladiator [10G0001]
Advance CD sampler

Gladiator [10G0002]
Promo CD

Gladiator [10G0003]
Argentina promo CD single

Gladiator [10G0004]
Mexican CD single

Gladiator [10G0005]

Gladiator [10G0006]
More Music From the Motion Picture

Heat, Music From the Motion Picture [10H0001]

Heat [10H0002]
Promo cassette [ph] New

The Insider "Music From the Motion Picture" [10I0001]
Japanese promo CD

The Insider "Music From the Motion Picture" [10I0002]

L4yer Cake "Music From the Motion Picture" [10L0001]

Mist OST, The [10M0003]

One Perfect Day OST [10O0001] [*]
2-CD set

Salem's Lot (Original Television Soundtrack) [10S0001]

Sophocles Oedipus Rex [10S0002] [*]
Production Theatrale de Temenos - (bootleg? CD?)

The Wings of a Film, The Music of Hans Zimmer [10T0001]

Whalerider [10W0001]
Advanced 4AD promo CD

Whalerider [10W0002]
Advanced 4AD/Beggars Banquet Group promo CD

Whalerider [10W0003]
Official Soundtrack digipack