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[18] Links
This section lists the top online resources relating to Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard, and Brendan Perry. The first column has the official sites. The second column has the best unofficial, or fan, sites. The third lists additional good sites. The link at the bottum goes to a longer list of sites, some great and some just okay.

4AD [link] [Link]
Currently has (old) concert info and a link to the concert store.

Lisa Gerrard [Link]

Brendan Perry [Link] [Link]
Has a nice-but-small bulletin board and a GREAT list of bootleg CDs

Life in Paris [Link]
Wonderful pictures of all sorts of CDs and items [Link]
A beautiful site, with some interesting bits and pieces.

There are so many other resources out there I though they deserved their own page.

What's That Song? [Link]
Type in Dead Can Dance and see how you do! (An audio quiz)

Driving@Light [Link]
A delightful 4AD promo listing. Many DCD-related items here.

Eyesore Database [Link]
This is a comprehensive 4AD database (up until a couple years ago), oodles on DCD. UPDATE: it is being updated again.

iq451 [Link]
Tons of reviews of DCD stuff

Ultimate Dead Can Dance Page [Link]
A great site but out-of-date

Dead Can Dance Within [Link]