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of the Obscure and Bootleg

4ad_rough_trade dead_can_dance_listen_planet [09] Non-4AD Recordings
This section lists non-4AD recordings. These are almost always "various artist" compilations, some bad, some amazingly great in their selection. The items have at least one song from Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard, or Brendan Perry included on it.

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1995 KROQ Calendar [09#0001]
"New Music" CD

Actuality International [09A00005]
CD released by Virgin France

AK-79 [09A0001]
Contains Brendan Perry's first recordings - under the name "Ronnie Recent".

Alternakitty, Alternative Sampler [09A0002]
Felix 1 - promo CD

A Mercury/Polydor New Music Sampler [09A00023]
Promo CD

Atmosphere 2 [09A0003]
"Les Musiques D'une Nouvelle Ere"


Beggars Group: A Collection 1977-2000 [09B00005] [*]

Best of Chillout Hits, Volume 1 [09B0001]

Budd & Zazou "Glyph" [09B0006] [*]
With Brendan Perry, percussion

Certain Damage!, Vol. 38 [09C0001]
Promo CD

Cortex [09C0002]
Promo CD - Dead Can Dance isn't actually on the CD - they are listed as a previous release by Shock Records for International release.

Dreamworld [09D0001]

D-Side 16 [09D0002]
French CD magazine

D-Side 20 [09D0003]
French CD magazine


Elegy Sampler 31 [09E00005] [*]

Emission 002 [09E0001]

Empire Ultimate [09E00015]
Promo CD

Exotic Sounds From Many Worlds [09E0002]

Geosonic Grooves, Vol. 1 [09G00002]

Get a Haircut [09G000025]

Good Grooves [09G00003]
Promo CD

Grade A Flood [09G00005]

Great Voices [09G0001]


Healing I, The - A Trip to Infinity [09H00001]

Healing III, The - A Trip to Eternity [09H00002]

Heavenly Voices [09H00005]

Heck on Wheels, Vol. 3 [09H0001]
"Songs Suitable for Instore Play", Promo CD

Hits Post Modern Syndrome [09H0002]
"Happy Whatever", Promo CD

Huh CD2 [09H00072]

Huh CD9 [09H00073]

Huh CD11 [09H00074]

Inde Trip Hop Techno [09I00005]
French promo CD

Info Rock CD Sampler Vol. 2 [09I0001]

Karma Collection, The [09K0001]


Labels (numere 4/juin 1996) [09L00005]
French CD

Listen Now! (numero 1/juin 1995) [09L0001]
French CD

Listen Now! Vol. 2 (numero 2/sept 1995) [09L0002]
French CD

Listen to the Planet [09L0003]
"A Music Journey Around the World"


Mad About Music [09M0001]
"Alternative", promo CD

Milan [09M00015] [*]
"Music For Your Soul"

Mojo Machine Turns You On, The [09M00018]
Promo CD, Limited Edition

Momentum Music [09M00019]
Promo CD, "For subscribers only"

Music for Vampires [09M0002]
"A Delicate Dependency"

Musiques de Nuit [09M0003]


New Voices [09N0001]

Nocturnal [09N00015]

Nuevos Fronteras [09N0002]


Open All Night - In the Shadows [09O00005]
Promo CD

Out of Bounds [09O0001]
"A Journey Through Modern Rock"

Particle Theory [09P0001]

Play Free Music [09P0002]

Push 3 - Push Push Push, Vol. 4 [09P0003]
Promo CD


Rare on the Air, Live Performances, Vol. One [09R0001]

Return to the Source: Ambient Meditations 3 [09R0002]
"Mixed by Youth"

Romantic Sound Sampler, Indie-Classics, Vol. III [09R0003]

Rough Trade, Music for the 90s, Vol. 5 [09R0005]

Rhythym on Disc: A World Music Collection [09R0008]


Schoner Horen Vol #3 [09S00003]

Secrets of the World [09S00004]

September [09S00005]
Promo audio tape

Sing a Song For You, Tribute to Tim Buckley [09S0001]

Sleepy Hollow [09S0002]
"25th Anniversary"

Spirit of the Edge, Vol. 2 [09S0003]

Spirits & Voices [09S00035]

Spirits of the World [09S0004]

Spirits of the World 5 [09S0005]


These Wings Without Feathers [09T0003]

Tune Up: In-Store Play Edition, Vol 5 [09T0004] [*]
Promo CD


Virgin Actualites [09V0001] [*]
French promo audio cassette

Virginews, Vol. 2 [09V00015]
French promo CD

Voce [09V0002]

ZilloScope: New Signs & Sounds 11/99 [09Z0001]