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[05] Bootlegs of Bootlegs
This section lists bootleg CDs of other bootleg CDs. Mainly, it is here to remind me I have, in the past, been an idiot and paid money for someone's CDR copy of a bootleg. A few (the linked ones) have inserts, but the inserts aren't professional enough to warrant them being called "real" bootlegs.

Bootleg of Bootlegs
None of these are given ITEM NUMBERS because they are simply CDR copies of other CDs.

"Bonus CD" [n/a]

De Lantaren [n/a]

Europe 1987 [n/a]

Gothic Spleens [n/a]

Influences and Covers [n/a]
This is actually Lisa Gerrard's "Live in Philadelphia"

Live at the I.C.A. [n/a]
Brendan Perry

Live at the Vic [n/a]

Live in Los Angeles [n/a]
Brendan Perry

Rare Tracks [n/a]
Side Projects of Gerrard and Perry

Rare Traxx [n/a]

Sinful Garden [n/a]
This is actually "Meditabor"